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Companies registration around the world

In Law We Trust mostly deal with Foreign Company Registration. Each Client may receive free consultation, where he can obtain information about terms, banks to open account for your Company and exact price for our services. Our main advantages:

1. We know everything about registration of Companies, so process of registration will take less time.

2. Location of Client is not important: documentation exchange and connection with our lawyers mostly come through internet. You may contact us through e-mail, phone or call from our web-site.

3. Staff of In Law We Trust highly observes confidentiality, so all information will be used only for purposes of the Client.

During last decade standards of Foreign Companies Registration were changed due to improvement of EU Directives. Our Lawyers follow up all new improvements, due to that there are no problems with understanding of different jurisdictions.

Setting up of a new Company includes not only registration process, afterwards you will need legal support according to jurisdiction of head office Country. Before starting of registration procedure you need to choose legal form for your own Company: Trust, Representation, Organization, Fund and etc. Depending on form there are different requirements to Client and to set of documents.

Classic off-shores are the most preferable and simple if you want to register a Company. Off-shore jurisdiction means low requirements to foreign businessman and no taxes, which means that you will obtain 100% of income. If Company registered on the territory of the classic off-shore jurisdiction, but doing business on the territory of another country, that company is free from annual reports. In most cases such registration is applicable for trade agents or for filial of holding corporations, that deal with profit collection.

Some CIS states can’t deal with off-shore Companies, so first of all, you have to specify all information about legislation of any given Country.

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