In Law We Trust mostly deal with Foreign Company Registration. Each Client may receive free consultation, where he can obtain information about terms, banks to open account for your Company and exact price for our services. Our main advantages:

  1. We know everything about registration of Companies, so process of registration will take less time.
  2. Location of Client is not important: documentation exchange and connection with our lawyers mostly come through internet. You may contact us through e-mail, phone or call from our web-site.
  3. Staff of In Law We Trust highly observes confidentiality, so all information will be used only for purposes of the Client.

During last decade standards of Foreign Companies Registration were changed due to improvement of EU Directives. Our Lawyers follow up all new improvements, due to that there are no problems with understanding of different jurisdictions.

Setting up of a new Company includes not only registration process, afterwards you will need legal support according to jurisdiction of head office Country. Before starting of registration procedure you need to choose legal form for your own Company: Trust, Representation, Organization, Fund and etc. Depending on form there are different requirements to Client and to set of documents.

Classic off-shores are the most preferable and simple if you want to register a Company. Off-shore jurisdiction means low requirements to foreign businessman and no taxes, which means that you will obtain 100% of income. If Company registered on the territory of the classic off-shore jurisdiction, but doing business on the territory of another country, that company is free from annual reports. In most cases such registration is applicable for trade agents or for filial of holding corporations, that deal with profit collection.

Some CIS states can’t deal with off-shore Companies, so first of all, you have to specify all information about legislation of any given Country.


Offshore company registration

Company In Law We Trust offers registration of offshore companies at prices cost-efficient for the client. Our specialists are ready to offer a number of variants for registering companies in jurisdictions with low taxation and offshore zones. All services are provided both remotely and in the office.

We have significant experience in the legal sphere, and high qualification of employees and their professional experience in registering companies in offshore zones helps quickly carry out the registration of companies for clients.

Registration of offshore company

Selection of offshore jurisdictions is carried out based on international tax planning, which is aimed at finding the most favorable business development conditions. Offshore are those regions of the world where companies free from taxation are being registered.

In order to register company in the offshore zone, detailed knowledge of foreign jurisdiction is required. Legal support for the registration of new offshore company is one of the services of our company aimed at establishing legal entity without the need to examine the country’s legislation by the client himself.

We register foreign business in classic offshore zones and regions with preferential taxation, which increases the scope of choice for the client. Free consultation from our lawyers will help to choose the right state with the best conditions for registration of the company.

In addition to establishing offshore companies, registration of foreign companies in Europe and other countries, we are engaged in opening bank accounts and providing other accompanying services, which allows the client to spend less time for selecting specialists.

Company registration in offshore jurisdiction – List of documents

The experts of In Law We Trust register foreign offshore companies upon the requests from clients. Accurate list of documents required for submission to the specialists will be clarified by the lawyer of our company after receiving the initial data on the founder and the type of activity of the future company.

Among the most important documents, there are identity cards of beneficial owners, shareholders and managers of the company, collection and processing of other documents are carried out by our company’s employees.

The complete list depends on the client’s belonging to the selected offshore jurisdiction, the type of company’s activity, the composition of the participants, and additional documents may also be requested.

All the advantages of registering company in offshore jurisdiction can be specified on our website, by mail or by telephone conversation.

The main ones are the following:

Lack of taxation;

Flexible legislation;

Support of foreign businessmen at all stages.

Registration in offshore jurisdiction – Stages

The staff of professional lawyers are constantly examining amendments to foreign legislation, and, as a consequence, the process of registration of the company is carried out in strict accordance with the law. Registration of the company implies the passage of several stages:

  1. Selection of organizational and legal form, registration of the legal address. Each jurisdiction has its own requirements for the location of the office in the territory of the registrar country. When making decision concerning company registration, all the details are important.
  2. Payment of fees and services of the registrar state. The amount of state contributions will become clear after the client has chosen the jurisdiction. The approximate price is placed on the pages of each of the offshore zones on our website. In order to make general estimate of the services, please contact the specialists.

3.Opening bank account, contribution of the minimum authorized capital (if required by law). The amount of contribution is determined and informed in advance by the client to our experts.

Each stage requires the collection of particular documentation package. The whole package is usually translated into the official language of the country of establishment of the enterprise. After submitting the application for registration of the company and before the moment of making the decision to register, certain amount of time is required, our lawyer will inform you about the results.

The total term of all procedures with obtaining the account, the issuance of Trademark and license for specific type of activity equals to approximately 1 year.


Jurisdictions with preferential tax treatment

The rate of income tax is considerably low in the jurisdictions with preferential taxation. At the same time, with regard to the mechanism for transferring income, the system of special tax incentives is applied to this group of countries.

Thus, the levied taxes (withdrawal of dividends, payments for royalties) in these jurisdictions equal to zero or are reduced.

The following countries can be considered as those with preferential taxation: Andorra, Bermudas, United Kingdom, Scotland, Hungary, Hong Kong, Ireland, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Madeira, Macao, Malta, Monaco, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Uruguay, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Estonia.

But due to wide range of tax rates, they are considered preferential under certain conditions.

The jurisdictions applied in tax planning schemes can be tentatively divided into the following categories:

States with zero taxes which can be also referred to as Classic offshores. Such countries are characterized by considerably low level of economic development, but, at the same time, they have good political stability. There is no income tax in such jurisdictions. Concerning submission of financial statements, the only requirement is the contribution of annual fixed fee to the treasury. Confidentiality of the rights of ownership in such states is at the highest level.

Countries with low taxes. Setting low taxes in such states is carried out in order to stimulate the economy and attract the foreign capital. Such jurisdictions are not offshore ones, because the companies in their territories pay taxes and submit reports. These companies are used for the purpose of cooperation/trade with countries having negative attitude towards classic offshore companies.

Countries with territorial system of taxation. The level of taxation is influenced by the place of origin of income in the countries of this category. In order to prove the right to benefits, the companies shall be annually audited and shall submit financial reports.

High-tax countries with specific benefits. In such jurisdictions, the location of the source of income has no impact on taxes. It is possible to indicate relatively high tax rates, and also obligatory accounting records. There are several organizational and legal forms of business completely exempted from taxes (corporate ones):

Limited Liability Companies;

Partnerships with limited liability (LP, LLP, SLP);

Specialized companies.

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