We help organize legal activities for online gambling projects, betting sports, casinos, lotteries, sportsbooks and other types of gambling operators.

This service assumes that you plan to conduct a remote (online) gambling business, addressed to users from different countries. First of all, we explain in which countries gambling is allowed or prohibited, what restrictions are imposed or measures are being taken in countries with the main user markets, what opportunities will be given to you by this or that license.

Further, depending on the specifics of your project, lawyers will help you choose the country or country appropriate for your situation to create companies, structure the future business and obtain a license. This could be the registration of a business in the UK or the acquiring of a gambling license of an “initial” level, for example, in Curacao. It can also be affordable licensing, for example in Malta. For a mature gambling business, it can be a license of Alderney, Isle of Man or Gibraltar. For operators that provide gaming services in countries that require internal licenses, we help to obtain such licenses.

In addition to obtaining a license and setting up companies, it is possible to support the opening of accounts in banks for companies operating gambling and connecting to payment systems.

The provision of this service implies that we recommend or we find or select the most suitable lawyer for your particular situation, a law firm (usually in the country of issuing a license and setting up a company – a gaming operator) and accompany the whole process of your interaction with them.


  • Choosing the country of registration of the remote (online) gambling business (bookmaking, casino, sweepstakes, lotteries, etc.).
  • The company registration (or several companies depending on the planned structure).
  • Obtaining a remote gaming license (Curaçao, Malta, Great Britain, Isle of Man, etc.).
  • Developing agreements, service rules, terms and conditions, privacy policies for the newly established company.
  • Intellectual property developing, recording and protecting, or transactions for the acquisition of third-party components or licenses for gaming software are accompanied.
  • Conducting negotiations with banks and payment systems on the opening of accounts and organization of settlements.
  • Carrying out current legal support of online gambling business.


License obtaining: Types, Countries and Peculiarities

In Law We Trust can help with obtaining of gambling license.

Our Lawyers can offer variety of different Countries to obtain license, so you can choose among any state the most preferable variant with good terms and nice conditions.

License is the prove of legality of Company’s business, and in addition, your clients will be secured from any financial issues.


Gambling Licenses abroad

In many CIS Countries Casino’s and other gambling activities are under governmental interdiction, thus in some Jurisdictions you may obtain such license, for example in Costa Rica, Curacao, Malta, Isle of Man, Seychelles, Alderney, Antigua and Barbuda, Kahnawake, Romania, Montenegro, Latvia and in the United Kingdom.

Most Popular Jurisdictions with Gambling Licenses






United Kingdom









Isle of Man



Costa Rica


Other EU Countries

Our lawyers can help you with obtaining of:

  • Slot Machine License;
  • Lottery License;
  • Casino License;
  • Book-maker License;
  • Bingo License.

Each type of License in unique and there are different requirements for each one. In most cases our Clients are interested in all types of licenses at once, because very often in Casino’s you may find some Slot Machines or Lottery.

If you don’t want to waste your time, we can obtain License for you in short terms. We are experienced in all above-mentioned Jurisdictions, so process will take less time. Translation, legalization of documents and Negotiations will be our responsibility.

List of Documents for License obtaining

Due to differences in legislation Countries we can’t provide you with exact list of Documents. Each State has own list of Documents to obtain particular License.

All necessary documents will be prepared by our experienced Lawyers once you chose preferable jurisdiction

If you want to check out our prices you may call or send an e-mail with request. Our Lawyers deal with that all the time, that experience can help you to avoid some issues and to speed up the process.

Therefore, it is right to attract professionals who have experience in license obtaining. In Law We Trust have a lot of experience in successful license obtaining, our team will help yup to create safe and effective legal structure. Specialists of our Company can offer the most effective and low-cost way of doing business.

We are proud, that due to our support at this time successfully and profitably operate a large number of companies our customers with a license for a certain type of activity. Therefore, we will be glad to help you with obtaining of any type of licenses.

Open an account online

Doing business on international level, casual expenses, income, for all this things you will need a Bank Account. To complete that procedure (opening of an account) you need to prepare all your financial and legal documents. They will help you to prepare set of necessary documents and send them to Bank remotely. We are working with more than 150 foreign banks.

To open an account online for non-resident we need a set of corporate documents of the Company, documents of Beneficial owner, Directors and Signer Documents. Private persons should provide us with national and international passports. Bank will come to a decision about opening an account in 7-10 working days from the moment of providing of all documents and answering all Bank questions or requests.

Начало формы

There is no foreign Banks that will open an account in UAH – existent bank programs will give you possibility to open Multi currency account. Personal Bank Manager will help you to conduct foreign currency operations or make a deposit in any currencies.

Thanks to internet-banking our clients can work from all corners of the world:

  • take control under account balance;
  • make a deposit;
  • obtain cash;
  • manage your finances;
  • settle the payments.

After signing of Bank forms will come registration, Bank will provide you with e-key and password.

To open an account you need:

  • Corporate documents of the Company;
  • Fulfill and sign bank forms;
  • Provide us with information about beneficial owner;
  • Business documents to prove legality of your business.

Size of set of document depend on particular Bank policy.

Minimal Bank requirements.

  • Prove of address of the beneficial owner;
  • Description of business (information about products, auditory, partners, future income and etc.)

Bank Managers can require additional information about beneficial owner or his Company, for example:

  • CV of Beneficial owner;
  • Reference letter from partners;
  • Source of funds.

Our Lawyers know everything about legal norms and requirements of foreign Banks, all peculiarities about different legislation issues, rules that applicable to foreign Clients, that’s why they always can provide you with helpful advises.

Operating account abroad

To open operating account in foreign Bank non-resident have to provide Bank with set of legalized Documents. Afterwords, Banks will make a decision.

Necessary documents:

  • Passport (national, foreign);
  • Source of income;
  • Contacts;
  • Reason of account opening;
  • The list of proposed business operations;
  • Proposed annual turnover.

Our company provide you with helpful support on each stage of procedure. Our high qualified specialists know everything about peculiarities in foreign legislation, they will help you to chose preferable jurisdiction and prepare all necessary documents.

Confidentiality of client’s information, technical support and reasonable prices Guaranteed.

Merchant Account

Merchant is referred to as a special bank account that allows you to accept and process payments with bank cards via the Internet (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, etc.). Merchant account means the contractual relationship between your company and the bank (plastic cards processing center), according to which means coming from the online sales of your products paid via plastic cards of your customers are credited to your bank account.

In Law We Trust offers opening merchant accounts in different banks in different countries depending on the area of your company. Our experts will offer you the best payment processing scheme that is convenient for your customers and profitable for your company. We can arrange payment solutions for any kind of the legal business.

Merchant account for goods and services with low risk

Most of the products and services offered to pay online do not present risk of losing money from the actions of frauds and unscurpulous enterpreneurs to cardholders and acquiring banks serving the payments. Connecting of online stores implementing such products by most banks seems to be the least expensive and most attractive. In the field of e-commerce with respect to such goods and services such adjective as “low risk” is used in daily use. The main indicator in which the product can be attributed to this group is the lowest percentage of unhappy customers who claim their funds to return.

Basic set of documents

Documents for the account manager: internal passport, a document confirming residence and bank statements

Documents of the legal entity: registration certificate, charter, articles of incorporation, a resolution on the appointment of the director, attorney for the signatory on the account (in case of connection to a foreign acquiring notarization of documents and translation are required)

Brief business plan: description of goods / services, the average transaction amount, the expected number of operations per week / month, the physical address of the organization

In case of the payment history payment bank statement and the picture of the page confirming the ownership of the Internet site are needed.


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